Logan – 9 Months | Lynden Family Photographer

EDIT TO ADD:  All of Logan’s session images are now online here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!!

This weekend I had a wonderful time playing with little Logan and his parents at Berthusen Park.  Logan is absolutely adorable—his blue eyes are so sparkly and bright!  I loved his little outfits and boots!  Thanks so much to Scott, Jana and Logan for such a fun morning at the park!  All of your session images should be up within a week!

LyndenFamilyPhotographer10-31-09Logan-100 LyndenFamilyPhotographer10-31-09Logan-101 LyndenFamilyPhotographer10-31-09Logan-102 LyndenFamilyPhotographer10-31-09Logan-103 

Look at those blue eyes and two little teeth—how could you not fall in love with that face!?

LyndenFamilyPhotographer10-31-09Logan-105 LyndenFamilyPhotographer10-31-09Logan-106 LyndenFamilyPhotographer10-31-09Logan-107 LyndenFamilyPhotographer10-31-09Logan-108

I just couldn’t enough of these chubby baby fingers!

LyndenFamilyPhotographer10-31-09Logan-109 LyndenFamilyPhotographer10-31-09Logan-110