Logan – One Year Old! | Bellingham Baby Photographer

I can't believe Logan just turned one!  This little guy is as cute as button with big, big blue eyes and the craziest army crawl I’ve ever seen!  We had so much fun playing in the light at the Bellingham Ferry Terminal and enjoying the warm sunshine at the park.  Logan’s mom and dad brought some of Logan’s favorite toys like big tractors and books which were perfect additions to the session.  I love how they help demonstrate Logan’s one year old lifestyle and size!  I had a super hard time narrowing down my favorites from this session so enjoy the extra shot of cuteness below!  The rest of the session im ages will be up within

a week.

 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-101  BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-103 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-104 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-105 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-106 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-107 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-108 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-109 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-110 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-111 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-112 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-113 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-114 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-102BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-115 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-116 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-117 BellinghamFamilyPhotographerB1-09-10Logan-118