Lynden Family Photographer | VanderGiessen Family

Over the top adorable - that is what this session is!  Take a look at all of the cute kids in this extended family!!  The VanderGiessen family did an awesome job of coordinating their outfits and sharing their vision with me so that we could create the perfect family portrait for them, along with a bunch of other fun shots.  I'm not going to lie, large family sessions can be a little intimidating...especially when there is only one day of the entire year that it works to take the pictures and the day before the session it is hailing so hard that I'm sliding around in 4 wheel drive, trying to find a back-up location for the session because it is supposed to rain.  But on the morning of the session we were blessed with perfect weather, cooperating kids and a fun location.  It was great and I LOVE the images! Thank you to each and everyone of you involved!  Including the sweet family that let us use their awesome barn on super short notice!  Your family is gorgeous and I can't wait to work with you all again in the future!

Check out my favorites below.  All of the session images are online - click on the Proofing link above.  Enjoy!


 I LOVE kids - you never know what they are going to do!  Example above - this little fella wasn't feeling the pictures, even though we were going to let him sit on his awesome bike.  I love the shot anyway and his parents will too...especially in his future wedding slideshow.  Examples below - cutie-patootie was doing an awesome job of mimicing the adults that were trying to get her to smile.  I REALLY wish this whole session was on video tape, it would keep me laughing for the rest of my life.  I can't even look at these pictures without laughing out stinkin' cute!!!