Madelyn | Lynden Baby Photographer

I’m so blessed to spend my time with so many wonderful families!  Madelyn was so adorable this past week at Lynden City Park as we captured some great shots of her to help celebrate her one year birthday!  Madelyn’s sweet, boisterous personality just cracks me up!  She was on a mission to check out everything the park had to offer—including the swings, paths and creek.  I love watching these little ones explore the world—this is one of my favorite stages to photograph.

All of Madelyn’s session images are online here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!

 LyndenBabyPhotographerB5-27-10Madelyn-100 I love a toddler toddle!

LyndenBabyPhotographerB5-27-10Madelyn-101 Isn’t she absolutely precious?

LyndenBabyPhotographerB5-27-10Madelyn-102 LyndenBabyPhotographerB5-27-10Madelyn-103

 LyndenBabyPhotographerB5-27-10Madelyn-105 LyndenBabyPhotographerB5-27-10Madelyn-106 LyndenBabyPhotographerB5-27-10Madelyn-107 LyndenBabyPhotographerB5-27-10Madelyn-108 LyndenBabyPhotographerB5-27-10Madelyn-109