Mama Monday | Bellingham Family Photographer

Happy Monday everyone!  It is way past time for another Mama Monday post so I hope you are happy to see one!  I have a challenge for you on today.  How many times have you found yourself looking through your family photographs and you've found not one image with you in it?  Almost every time?  Is it because you are "always behind the camera?"  Or perhaps you don't want to be in the pictures because haven't met that goal weight yet, you don't like what you are wearing or you are having a bad hair day.  I've been there.  I have those insecurities and excuses too - all the time.  But do you know what?  Those things aren't important.  Not one little bit. Do you know what is important?  Moments between children and their mamas that only happen once.  A silly tickle from mom that makes her child laugh like no other time.  A little squeeze in mama's arms that tells her child I love you now and forever.  All those little moments captured in the camera that your children will cherish now but more importantly years from now.  Those photographs of the relationship between parents and children are what documents your legacy of love for them.  They are what your children will cling to to bring their memories to life down the road.  So absolutely pick out your favorite outfit and loose a few pounds for your professional photo session...but don't forget to document your love for them every other day of the year too.

How can you get in the picture?  Here are some ideas:

  • Timer!  Nothing is more fun and silly than using the 10 second timer on your camera to get some pictures of you with your children!  Trust me...they will love watching mama dart back and forth between the camera and them at break neck speed.  And forget those stiff smiles - go as fast as you can run giving your kids kisses and tickles during each shot.  You will get your exercise in for the day too!
  • Self portrait!  Squeeze your cheeks together and stretch out that arm to take a picture of your beautiful face with all your kiddos.  Mix it up - as you snap the picture turn your face and give your little one a lick on the cheek!  I bet you will capture an awesome surprised expression!!  Keep snapping as they react and laugh!!
  • Hand the camera over!  Give it to a child, friend or spouse.  I know for a fact that most people are flattered and happy to take a few snaps of you with your children.  You could even make it a fun assignment for all your children to photograph you with their siblings.  Plan a fun photo shoot idea together and let them take turns being the rockstar photographer.

And to make it easier, a little Mama & Me Photo Challenge Printable!

Here is a picture taken of me and Paisley at her birthday dinner last week.  Am I at my goal weight?  Nope...still working on a few stubborn pounds.  Am I wearing my best outfit?  Nope...I was hot from getting ready so I am wearing a brown tank top and jeans.  Is my hair perfect?  Oh fact I flew home from Florida early that morning and hadn't even got a shower yet (yikes!).  But what I do know is that someday Paisley is going to look at this picture and know that her mama loved her.  And that to me makes this the perfect photograph.

Here is your challenge.  Get in photographs with your children!  Make a goal and make it happen! Once a week?  Once a month?  I don't care what your goal is, but be sure you are capturing your love for your children even when you don't feel like a supermodel.  And don't forget to get those images off your camera and computer!  Get them printed!!  I'd love to see some of your images of the moments captured with you and your children!  You can email them to me at and I will feature them from time to time.  Happy shooting!