Melissa & Ben - Engagement

Saturday morning when the weather was amazing I had an awesome time photographing Melissa and Ben for their engagement session.  We had a blast checking out the crazy playground at the Lynden City Park and then hit up the railroad tracks for a whole different perspective!  I can’t wait for your December wedding—you two make for fantastic pictures!  Thanks for being up for anything—and enduring a few spider webs across your faces all for the sake of perfect pictures!  I think we succeeded!  The rest of the images will be up by the end of the week.


IMG_0141-Edit IMG_0155-Edit IMG_0165-Edit IMG_9958-Edit IMG_9988-Edit IMG_0032-Edit IMG_0051-Edit IMG_0055-Edit IMG_0084-Edit

Good luck in the demolition derby this weekend Ben!!  I hope you win!