Monday Mama

Happy Memorial Day everybody!  I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend and finding some time to think about the amazing service men and women both past and present that have made our country safe and free! On today's Monday Mama I'm going to share with you one book that I think every new parent should own.  Actually, I think every new parent-to-be should own it so they have all these awesome facts in their heads before that little one arrives and hey don't have time to read all those parenting books they thought they would.

I'm going to start with a little story...

There once was a mama who was so overjoyed about having a baby, as she had been waiting many years for the time to be "right" and the stork to deliver a beautiful baby girl in her arms.  This mama's baby was the fairest in the land with big blue eyes and dark, swirly hair.  On her sunny "birth" day the little princess only made a tiny whimper upon her arrival and then laid content on her mama's chest for the rest of the afternoon - what a precious, happy, little baby, her mama thought.  As the next few days rolled by in a bit of a fog, the little princess' contentedness began to fade away.  Soon it was discovered that this little peanut needed soothing...constant, loving, soothing.  And while the princess' mama was happy to oblige and devote every waking minute of her day to soothing her perfect little baby she was VERY thankful she had read one very important book before her arrival!

Here is hoping that every new parent is blessed with the most peaceful, easy baby on the planet, but on the off chance that you need a few soothing tools in your pocket (and lets face it, even the happiest baby needs to be soothed sometimes, right?), please go find yourself a copy of this book (or DVD that came out just this year).  This book has simple, super effective ideas for creating calm in your new baby's life.  Not everything worked for Paisley but the handful of things that did, really did!

Learn the best ways to soothe and how to use them most effectively, including:

  • Shushing
  • Swaddling
  • Swinging
  • And more...

I spent the first several months of Paisley's life implementing these techniques and they were lifesavers!  Even Paisley's little cousins are onboard with how to soothe babies - you should see them shushing and swinging their dollies (I've never seen more content baby dolls in my life!).

So if you are an expectant mama, you might just save your sanity down the road by picking yourself up a copy of this book.  Nothing is more intimidating than a crying baby and not knowing how to soothe him or her, but with the tools in this book you will at least have an idea on how to get them to be the happiest baby on the block!  :)

*Please note that I have not been paid or compensated in any way for this recommendation, in fact, I'm certain the lovely people responsible for this book have no idea I even exist.  I just LOVE it!*

And who can resist a some little baby pictures!

I told you she was born very content...although I certainly was a hot mess!

Here she is loosing her sweet contentedness...the girl LOVES to suck, but she wouldn't take a binky so...she sucked on my finger.  I don't miss those days of trying not to touch anything in public with my pointer finger or pinky finger because she would be sucking on them at anytime.


I do miss those swaddle baby days though!