Ms. Daisy Belle – Cat Portrait

So I have a serious problem.  Each of my animals have a name…Rascal, Diesel, Daisy.  The only problem is—I can’t stop with just calling them their names.  The names get added on to, shortened or changed constantly.  The poor things always seem to know I am referring to them but they probably have no idea what their actual names are.  Daisy is no exception—she gets called anything from Dais’ to Daisy May to Ms. Daisy Belle to Crazy Daisy or if my husband finds her on his freshly washed vehicle it gets shortened real quick to THAT CAT!  So—here are some portraits of THAT CAT—affectionately known as several hundred versions of Daisy.

IMG_3084-Edit IMG_3101-EditIMG_3105-Edit IMG_3108-Edit Please tell me I’m not the only one with this problem!