New House Update: Foundation

Well--the ground work is finished and the foundation is up! Now we just have to backfill and wait for our contractor to return from his honeymoon and we'll be framing! Checkout the progress below.

Here is Brandon doing some late night rolling on all of the fill we brought it. We dug out a big hole and filled it back in with extra-compacting fill to ensure we won't have any more foundation problems like we did with the old house.

Here are some of the footings just after being poured--it was quite a maze of forms and rebar.

Here is a pile of stuff in the middle of the kitchen. Hopefully that is the last time the room is so messy!
Here is an overview--the walls of the foundation are poured but the forms are still on at this point to make sure the concrete was nice and hard. In this picture you can see our awesome covered back patio (the rectangle with the columns in it). I'm very excited for this feature of the house!

Everyday we go check out the progress--Brandon, me, Diesel and Daisy.

A pile of string they were using to make sure things were square and level--which I greatly appreciate after trying to remodel the old house!

It's been a little muddy!

An overhead shot--I'm standing on a flat bed truck stacked with forms. Here is the garage!

And here is most of the house.

Some details...

Check out our covered front porch...this is where the front door will be.

And here is the foundation all naked--no more forms!

More updates to come as the house grows!