Oh How I Miss Thee

Dear ugly, old, ripped up linoleum flooring,

Oh how I miss thee expansive mass of flooring you once covered. I miss the warm bathroom you adorned and vast amount of counter space you laid beneath. I promise to never speak ill of you again!


Your previous owner

We'll it's been a super busy time for us lately! We've officially demolished our house (including the lovely flooring pictured above!)--pictures to come soon!

We've been to snowy Minnesota for a week and back. We've settled in to travel trailer life and are thoroughly enjoying the extreme water conservation, little blue outhouse and too short bed. I have to say I never thought I'd see the day when my toes hung over the edge of a bed--now I wake up to it every morning. It makes me start every day with a giggle! I do feel bad for Brandon who's entire feet stick over the edge! Now that we're TVless, have a much smaller house to clean and are slowing down a bit for the winter I promise much more frequent postings than as of late.

I've got several sessions I'm super excited for coming up--a couple newborn sessions, a maternity session and several family sessions. I can't wait to share them with you!