Paisley's Sea Life 4th Birthday Party

Sunday we celebrated Paisley's 4th birthday - I still can't believe she is that old!!  No longer a toddler and onto life as a regular kid.  So crazy!!  We were scrolling through cake pops on Pinterest a few months ago and ran across some that looked like fish bowls with a fish inside - she decided right then that she wanted those at her birthday party.  And so the sea life, under the sea, ocean party came about!  Paisley loves boats and water so it was perfect!

We had a small birthday party with family and Paisley's very best friends.  The kids made sea globes out of jars, little plastic sea animals (from Oriental Trading Company), water, oil and glitter but they ended up being quite a flop...soooo no tutorial on those! ;)

We had all kinds of yummy sea life food - I'll give you a whole list at the bottom if you are interested in doing your own ocean, sea or beach party.  So fun - many ideas were found from other blogs via Pinterest and some we thought of ourselves.

Favors were little sand buckets and beach balls from Oriental Trading Company.

Paisley had an awesome time and it was so much fun to see her celebrating!

Sea Life Party Food:

Fish Bowl Cake Pops: Sugar Cookie flavor from Cupcakes Like it Sweet - SO yummy!

Fruit of the Sea: Grapes and Banana Dolphins (so easy to make!  A quick split on the stem, insert grape and Sharpie polka dot eyes)

Shark Teeth: Pre-sliced cheese cut into squares and then diagonally to make triangles

Fish and Chips: Cheddar goldfish and tortilla chips

Sea Weed Dip (and not shown Sand Dollars): Spinach Dip and French sliced baguette

Foreign Fish (We're Swedish) and Life Preservers: Swedish Fish and Peachios

Algae: Guacamole

Fish Bar: Pretzel, Sour Cream & Onion and Pizza flavored Goldfish

Sea Slugs: Cheetos

Sea Snails: Pigs in a blanket - little smokies wrapped in refrigerated crescent rolls and baked

Sea Water Punch: One bottle Hawaiian Blue Tropical Punch and one bottle Lemonade - would definitely have supplies for two batches next time.  Super yummy!

Coral (not pictured) - red licorice