Personal Note

Just a quick word to keep you posted on our new house project...

I've been spending a lot of time with these getting our new (used, but new to us) travel trailer all cleaned up and ready to be our home for 6-9 months, starting in two weeks. I'll post pictures of it in the weeks to come--I love it!

I've also been spending a lot of time packing boxes and plastic containers full of our stuff. I've decided I'm throwing away (ok, probably donating and selling) 1/2 of our stuff before we move into the new house. I've got a new motto to only own what I love or absolutely need. Seriously--having all this stuff makes me too stressed when I have to clean it, organize it and store it. Time for a new approach to life!

My grandma's china--if this breaks I might have a heart attack! This is definitely coming to the new house with us--I love it!

See that white blob at the top--that is a plastic pie carrier. The best invention in the world. Unfortunately I can only find cake carriers in the stores these days.

This carrier--definitely staying!

Here's the plan:

The next two weeks--continue to get our belongings out of the house and move into travel trailer

Then--remove all windows (windows we just replaced as part of the remodel :(), light fixtures and new door that we are keeping for the new house

Sept. 7--demolition! I've lined up a videographer (ok, its my sister who happens to own a video camera which makes her much more of a videographer than I've seen her vacation footage and it is quite good!). I'm also prepared to document the events with my camera (which I will share with ya'll). I'm also getting ready to prove both my sister and husband wrong who think I'm going to loose it and have a mental breakdown when the house comes down. I've been watching lots of Extreme Makeover Home Editions and pretending it is my house they are knocking down to prepare--so far I've held it together. Now if I could only convince our fabulous contractor that he really can build our new house in one week! What, they do it on TV every week!