Preston's Senior Pictures Part 2

Here are a few more of my favorite images from Preston's senior shoot.

I loved the rich texture of the tree bark here. You can see how the day started out a little cloudy, which was a whole lot better than the snow at my house!

Here you can see we finally got some blue skies! How great does Preston look against this beautiful blue and green Northwest WA backdrop? Awesome!

This is my favorite image from the photo shoot. I loved the composition of Preston and the shore line, but then I noticed someone in the top of the frame. I went to re-compose to exclude the person from the image, but then I noticed it was Preston's mom. What a strong statement she makes as she looks out over Bellingham Bay as we are capturing her son's last year in high school. I can only imagine what she was thinking but that adds to the beauty of the image.

Preston--you are an insightful, respectful, fascinating person. I wish you the best in your years to come. Enjoy your road trip this summer with

your brother and treasure it always. Your mom has done a wonderful job raising you and your father would be extremely proud of the great man you've become. Best wishes!