Because it is still Antarctica outside and I’m still wrapped up in a blanket nursing a yucky cold I thought I would warm up with these little bundles of joy!  I took these pictures a few months ago and all of the puppies now have new homes.  These were only half of the puppies in the litter—the rest had already found new homes when I took these pictures.  I included a slideshow after the pictures because I really couldn’t decide on my favorites—how do you choose when each picture features something so adorable and you’ re hopped up on cold medicine


Lynden-Pet-Photographer-Chocolate-Lab-Puppies-100 Lynden-Pet-Photographer-Chocolate-Lab-Puppies-101 Lynden-Pet-Photographer-Chocolate-Lab-Puppies-102 Lynden-Pet-Photographer-Chocolate-Lab-Puppies-103 Lynden-Pet-Photographer-Chocolate-Lab-Puppies-104 Lynden-Pet-Photographer-Chocolate-Lab-Puppies-105 Lynden-Pet-Photographer-Chocolate-Lab-Puppies-106 Lynden-Pet-Photographer-Chocolate-Lab-Puppies-107 Lynden-Pet-Photographer-Chocolate-Lab-Puppies-108 I think this one below is my most favorite!  I just love the lighting, composition and look on the puppy’s face!

Lynden-Pet-Photographer-Chocolate-Lab-Puppies-109 Lynden-Pet-Photographer-Chocolate-Lab-Puppies-110 Lynden-Pet-Photographer-Chocolate-Lab-Puppies-111