Remodel Update

"So, you need to call me back at noon and tell if we're going to tear down the house or not," Brandon said.
"Ummm...I can't make a decision like that in two hours!! Who just tears down their house!?" I exclaimed.
"Well, you make the decision and call me back at noon. I gotta go, love you. Bye." Brandon rushed.
Two hours later...
"Hey honey, I thought about it. I kinda think we should tear down the house...are we crazy?" I stammered.
"Yeah, I think it is the best thing to do."
Two weeks later...
WE ARE GOING TO TEAR DOWN OUR HOUSE!! Too much structural damage under the house, too many repairs to make, too much money to dump into an old (1919) house with no redeeming qualities. She's going down and a new house is going up!!!
We are working on finalizing a house plan, starting the permit process and seeking temporary shelter (any one have a travel trailer for sale?). We might be crazy but to us it makes the most sense. Please say a few prayers for our stress levels as we sort through all of this!
A remodel before and is what my kitchen looked like--sorry for the mess on the counters, I was in a bit of hurry after shopping!

Here is what our kitchen looks like the way, did you know you can BBQ fish stick

s? They turn out great! Oh, and that is our wood stove there in the middle.