Rob & Sarah – Wedding | Ferndale Wedding Photographer


EDIT TO ADD:  All of Sarah and Rob’s wedding images are online here or click on the Online Ordering links above!  Enjoy!!

What a beautiful fall day we had on Saturday for Rob and Sarah’s wedding!  I was so thrilled to be photographing this wedding not only because it was beautiful and the couple is gorgeous, but because these are friends of mine.  I couldn’t be happier that Rob and Sarah have found each other.  When the two are around each other their eyes sparkle and their laughter and smile are infectious.  You two are perfect fit and I was so blessed to be able to document your love this weekend.  Thanks for letting me be part of your big day! 


I really struggled narrowing my down my favorites—I almost put all of their wedding pictures on the blog but I thought you might be a little overwhelmed!  So enjoy these images—the rest will be online within a couple weeks.


Sarah has the best wedding “shoes” ever—perfectly suited to her and comfortable!

Wedding9-12-09Sarah&RobFerndalePhotographer-101 Wedding9-12-09Sarah&RobFerndalePhotographer-102

This is why couples make a great decision when they decide to do a “first look” before the ceremony—this expression is priceless!  Sarah and Rob got to enjoy each other, relax and have fun before the ceremony during the pictures instead of rushing through pictures to get to the reception.


Ohhhhh, pretttty!


Happy together…check, make each other laugh…check, going to live happily-ever after…check and mark!


Check out those boots—smokin’ hot!

Wedding9-12-09Sarah&RobFerndalePhotographer-108 Wedding9-12-09Sarah&RobFerndalePhotographer-109Wedding9-12-09Sarah&RobFerndalePhotographer-110Wedding9-12-09Sarah&RobFerndalePhotographer-111Wedding9-12-09Sarah&RobFerndalePhotographer-112

Please make a giant print of this!  How beautiful are these two?


A special moment between Sarah and her son.


I’m slightly biased because my niece was the flower girl—but she was definitely the cutest flower girl ever!  Here she is copying the bride—because if Auntie Sarah needs to hold up her dress, so does she!


I LOVE these flowers and custom made sheppard's hooks to hold them on along the aisle.  So beautiful!

Wedding9-12-09Sarah&RobFerndalePhotographer-120 Wedding9-12-09Sarah&RobFerndalePhotogra

Sarah’s bouquet was stunning and it looked so pretty right here on Sarah’s barrel racing saddle.


My favorite ceremony image—how can you beat such a personal touch at your ceremony—I love it when couples make their weddings really reflect who they are.


The newly weds!


Just a few seconds after the shot above—Rob just swept her off her feet!


I make the best use of friend and family paparazzi—thanks for helping me Drew!


I think Sarah only got to stand on the ground about 50% of the day—love this first dance moment!

Wedding9-12-09Sarah&RobFerndalePhotographer-128 The reception was full of dancing, karaoke, and fantastic dance moments.  According to this sweet thing’s mom this little girl learned her dance moves from her dad and boy could she dance…and pose!  So cute!


Thanks again to Rob, Sarah and both of your families!  You truly made me feel like family and I love you for it!