Rodeo Time

We had a great time at the Methow Valley Rodeo. Check out some of these pictures I snagged from the hillside overlooking the arena. Once again I really wished I had my nice cameras with my big zoom lens...but we made due with our little baby point and shoot camera.

By the way, the proper way to speak cowboy lingo is to drop all "g"s off of the end of words. Ok, I don't know if that is the proper way to talk like a cowboy, but that is the way I'm doin' it!

A little bronc ridin'

A little drill teamin'

A little team ropin'

A little stick horse racin'

A little barrel racin'

A little bull ridin'

A little cowboy flyin' (don't worry, by the time this guy hit the ground he had performed a lovely tuck and roll technique and was not injured!)

A little snorin'

Apparently the rodeo wasn't quite as exciting as last year for Diesel when he was barking at every cow and horse that came near--thank goodness!