Session is Online!!

WOW—my computer pulled through for me tonight…I think it knows that a new, much speedier version is on the way and is trying to show me that I could still love it. Little does it know that I probably could never love it for processing my pictures ever again. The poor old girl just can’t keep up and enjoys freezing up just a little too much for my liking. She’ll soon be on light family duty as opposed to hard core business work and I think she’ll enjoy it much more, I know I will!!!

Anyways—the point of the story is, due to my computer’s good behavior and my ability to hang out in this over heated travel trailer for the evening I was able to crank out the rest of Melissa and Ben’s pictures! Wahooo!! I’m so excited to share them with you!

These two were awesome and so much fun! I have the best clients ever!! You can check out their pictures here or by clicking on the Online Ordering links above. ENJOY!

IMG_0038-Edit IMG_0213-Edit IMG_9932-Edit