Snow Babies

Snow, snow, just keeps snowing--even this morning! Normally I love the snow--I loved the weather when I lived in Texas because they had snow and summer--none of the inbetween stages like spring and fall. I love it hot and I love it cold and snowy.

But this year is a little different. I'm not a fan of the snow because it is delaying our house project--we now can't get anything delivered to our house, such as the lumber package, because of the weight restrictions on our road. So, we sit waiting until the big thaw, which couldn't come fast enough for me this year. By the day after Christmas we had over two and half feet of snow!

On Christmas Eve I ventured out with plastic bags taped to my camera to document my favorite four legged friends while the blizzard ensued (Daisy wasn't fond of all the snow, so she was taking refuge inside on her big fluffy blanket). Here are my three favorites...