So you have DSLR, now what?

I've received a few requests for help on how to work cameras, specifically DSLRS (or digital single-lens reflex camera)...the kind with manual functions and changeable lenses. I'm so excited when people are willing to take the time to learn how to use their equipment well. There is something so special about a photograph's ability capture memories so why not capture them as best as you can.

To help those of you eager to learn the full capabilities of your cameras, I've compiled a list of internet resources to get you started.

Check out Me Ra Koh's awesome DVDs and workshops for aspiring photographer moms. Me Ra is a world famous photographer who lives in Seattle and travels around the world photographing glamorous weddings with her husband.

Take a peak at the Pioneer Woman's Photography section (as well as the other sections for great inspiration). You'll receive lots of tips on how to work your camera as well as how to process them in Photoshop. She's also got some fantastic free Photoshop Actions on her site.

I haven't read all of this, but check out the plothera of photography tips and topics at Digital Photography School blog on how to use a DSLR--that should keep you busy for a few hours!

I'm also going to try to post a few photography tips here and there on this site. Let me know if there is a specific question or topic you'd like covered in the comments below and I will do my best to answer your question in the near future.