Something is happening...

Can you see it?
(Note: the following pictures were all taken on the same day at the same time, it is amazing what a few camera settings can do to adjust the picture!)Here, look closer!
Hello, husband!

This lovely drain hole Brandon dug will keep us from having a swimming pool again. He actually made two to be extra sure!! He wasn't quite on board with ditching the house and finding a diving board.

Check out the foam they put between the foundation and wood to break up the moisture barrier...interesting huh?

Brandon and friends have been working hard to fill up the garage with fill. We got some more fill to put in but hopefully soon we'll have a nice concrete floor in there! It's nice and level and hard thanks to a fun little thing called a "Whacker Packer" which makes me giggle everytime I hear the name of it. Br andon tried to let me use it but it took me for

a ride.

Note to self: I can not operate packing equipment that weighs more than I do without flying around like a drunk kangaroo!

If you could only see how much work they've done in the last few days, I'll show you soon. These guys have been working their tails off and I am so grateful!! Here's a little hint on their progress...we've got green walls, lots and lots of green walls!
Have a great night!