Studio Update #3 | Lynden Natural Light Studio Photographer

Here is the latest progress on the studio!  We poured the first round of concrete this past weekend creating a walk way from our house to the studio and a stem wall which will form the base for the wall of windows and the client entryway.  Last night the boys (the husband and his friend Dan) prepped the interior for this weekend’s concrete pour which will include the floor of the studio and the client entryway concrete pad out front.  I’ve done some shopping this week for furnishings/décor and have begun the process of cutting out the fabric for the sofa slip cover.  I can’t wait until it all comes together! 


We tried putting Paisley’s hand print in the concrete but as you can see above, her tiny little fingers didn’t exactly make a big impression…especially when she just wanted to play in the concrete as soon as she touched it.  Oh well – we know what it is, though any future property owners might just think some random wild animal stepped on it. Smile