Studio Update | Lynden Natural Light Photography Studio

We’ve had a busy weekend working on the studio!  Well, Brandon (my husband) and our friend Dan have been very busy and I helped out a bit during nap times.  A lot got done – doors and windows removed, gravel and concrete lines were snapped, gravel for the walk way, Diesel’s kennel and some of the interior was completed, peg board and plywood removed from the inside walls and a bunch of other odds and ends.  We got another load of gravel delivered today and Brandon will finish filling up the studio with gravel this week.  This coming weekend we will do our first concrete pour – a new walk way, a concrete pad for the dog kennel and the stem walls for the studio.  The next weekend the studio floor will be poured and then the real fun begins with framing in the walls, windows and new doors.  Things will really start to take shape then.  Check out the current pictures below!