Summer Snippets

I was so busy this summer I didn’t have chance to blog some of the pictures I took just to remember the wonderfulness of the season.  So—here are some of my pictures, just for you! 

We were blessed with so many friends, neighbors and family who shared their garden bounty with us as we could only a manage a small number of potted vegetables during the building of our house instead of the larger garden we usually grow.  My husband even picked berries for me on evenings that I was busy editing pictures—I love that man!  We are still enjoying these fabulous veggies and fruits as I squeezed in a few minutes of canning and freezing in between sessions and weddings.  I’m having a hard time looking at these and not seriously craving summer, how about you?

Oh the beautiful light of summer—I miss that golden glow in the late afternoon!

IMG_2472-2 IMG_5694 IMG_6720 IMG_6722 IMG_6737 TjoelkerHouse-119