T Turned 3 | Bellingham Children Photography

Since my blog is a place for photography related life as well as my personal life, I’m documenting a big event today.  Just for me.  Just to remember what I was thinking about on 4/3/2010.  My sweet little niece turned three this month!  I can’t even believe how fast time has flow since she was born!  T has brought so much joy and laughter to our family—a true blessing! 

T’s favorite things right now include pink (and lots of it), reading books, riding her horse Cookie and hanging out with her cousins.  When she comes over to our house I love how she wants to play “fast” (running around in circles with me), throw Diesel’s ball for him, play with the horses, color, read books, do craft projects and jump on the bed.  T is so good at talking on the phone now and following directions.  She is super smart—she knows her numbers, letters, colors and shapes.  She can even tell me what letter a word starts with by sounding it out.  My favorite part is that she knows she has two letters for her name(s), T (for T) and G (for Gabrielle) and she is so proud of it. 

I love you little Raspberry!  Happy Birthday!

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