Paisley & Ice Cream Sandwiches | Lynden Commercial Food Photographer

Oh my these summer months are going by too fast!  I'm working away on weddings right now and am hoping to get some posts up about my incredible couples soon!  In the meantime, here is my little cutie patootie enjoying her job as a model for my Lynden Dutch Bakery photo shoot for ice cream sandwiches! Lynden Dutch Bakery Ice Sandwich and Stephanie Stremeler PhotographyThe perks of having a commercial food photographer for a mommy!


Honcoop Family | Lynden Everson Family & Baby Photographer

I had so much fun photographing one of my favorite families again a couple weeks ago. Sweet baby Colson is already six months old (do you remember his newborn pictures with the surf board?) and big girl Brielle just turned 3!  We also grabbed a few pictures of brother Colby and mama Jessica just because we could!  We started in the studio in Lynden, WA and then headed out into the beautiful spring weather for a few outdoor shots. Thanks so much Jessica for bringing your adorable children to me once again!  I just adore them and love to see them grow!  I can't wait until next time!!



Paisley | Lynden Toddler & Child Photographer

My little Paisley and I played around in the studio a few weeks ago.  It is so much fun to have a little girl to dress up - although she would much rather skip all the fun stuff like hair bows and tutus. Here are a few of my favorite colorful images!



Ferndale Child Photographer | Lane - 2 Year Old Session

Little Lane is one of the handsomest little guys around.  A couple weeks ago we met up at Hovander Park in Ferndale, WA to document all of his adorableness in celebration of his upcoming two year old birthday.  The park was the perfect place to let this little country boy roam, the weather was perfect and Lane was on his best behavior - I couldn't have asked for a more perfect session. Thanks so much Traci, Britton and Lane for a fun morning!  I can't wait until I get to photograph Lane again!

All of Lane's session images are online - check them out by clicking on the Proofing link above.  Enjoy!



Lynden Family Photographer | VanderGiessen Family

Over the top adorable - that is what this session is!  Take a look at all of the cute kids in this extended family!!  The VanderGiessen family did an awesome job of coordinating their outfits and sharing their vision with me so that we could create the perfect family portrait for them, along with a bunch of other fun shots.  I'm not going to lie, large family sessions can be a little intimidating...especially when there is only one day of the entire year that it works to take the pictures and the day before the session it is hailing so hard that I'm sliding around in 4 wheel drive, trying to find a back-up location for the session because it is supposed to rain.  But on the morning of the session we were blessed with perfect weather, cooperating kids and a fun location.  It was great and I LOVE the images! Thank you to each and everyone of you involved!  Including the sweet family that let us use their awesome barn on super short notice!  Your family is gorgeous and I can't wait to work with you all again in the future!

Check out my favorites below.  All of the session images are online - click on the Proofing link above.  Enjoy!


 I LOVE kids - you never know what they are going to do!  Example above - this little fella wasn't feeling the pictures, even though we were going to let him sit on his awesome bike.  I love the shot anyway and his parents will too...especially in his future wedding slideshow.  Examples below - cutie-patootie was doing an awesome job of mimicing the adults that were trying to get her to smile.  I REALLY wish this whole session was on video tape, it would keep me laughing for the rest of my life.  I can't even look at these pictures without laughing out stinkin' cute!!!



Monday Mama - Whatcom Families | Lynden Family Photographer

I hope you are enjoying these Monday Mama posts!  I have been having a blast thinking up post ideas, doing research and sharing my thoughts.  This week I have just found a new website and I cannot wait to share it with you!!  I had started a couple other posts to use but once I found this website I realized I couldn't withhold this info from you any longer!! As a mom, sometimes I just need to get out of the house!  Can you relate?  I love my home, but there is only so long you and your family can stare at eachother and the same walls.  We usually end up wandering local shops, parks or roads but sometimes we want to mix it up!  We want to celebrate!  We want to do something exciting!  Are you with me?  I know about a few local festivals and activities that we love to go to but what else is out there? new favorite family website -!  They also have a facebook page so be sure to check that out too for the most up-to-date info!

Play. Learn. Grow. Explore. Connect. Look. Laugh. Love.

This awesome resource is packed full of Whatcom County and Bellingham events for families.  Festivals, bike rides, playdates, competitions, fundraisers, reading times...SO many activities to keep your families busy and having fun.  The site provides detailed info about the event - all the why, what, when, where, cost etc as well as pictures and history in some cases.

Here is some info straight from the website:

"Whatcom County and Bellingham are fantastic places to raise families. As fabulous as our communities are, we need a place to connect and share resources and information. Whatcom Families strives to provide a home base from which you can plan adventures, be inspired, get support, and find connections. We hope you’ll be an active participant and help make this place valuable as a hangout, and find it a springboard to nurturing and enjoying your family and this community. "

The site is maintained by a busy mama donating her time to make our lives more awesome - isn't that fantastic!?  In talking to her she mentioned that she would love to hear your feedback on what types of events you'd like featured on the site so be sure to leave some of your favorite types of events in the comments below or any other feedback you have for her.

Check out the site, like it on FB and get those kids out of the house this summer!  You will be the coolest mama on the block!

Here are a few snapshots from my recent adventure to Woodland Park Zoo a week ago with my sister and six kids ages 1-5!  We had a lot of fun and came home with the same number of kids we started with - which I think is a great accomplishment!  :)  Looking forward to heading to some more local adventures in the next few months.

Want a couple "how do I attend a crowded place with lots of kids" tips?  Well...I am no expert as I usually only go places with one baby but here is what we came up with for this adventure:

  • We attached straps (dog leashes...but don't tell the kids that!) to the strollers that the older kids held on to while we walked along.  This gave them boundaries and ensured they stayed close but also gave them a little freedom.
  • Us adults did a lot of counting and math...all day long.  Everytime we left an exhibit or the kids switched positions in the strollers/walking order we would call out how many kids each of us had and always made sure the numbers added up to 6 kids.  I've never been more competent in adding up to six in my live.
  • When all else fails, bribe with a treat.  Sometimes kids just need to up that blood suger a bit to get a smile back on their face!

What do you do to make family outings fun and less daunting?  I would LOVE to hear about it in the comments below and I'm sure other mamas would be grateful too!!

Here is my little butterfly Paisley!

 All six kids!

 Paisley and me taking a break from the stroller!

 Little Angel, downing her ice cream!

 Mmmm, ice cream cone crazy!

 Daniel loves his ice cream too!

 Paisley's no-nap melt down was cured with a little ice cream...thank goodness.  :)