Ferndale Engagement Photographer | Dan & Sandi

I am so excited for these two!  Dan has been my husband's great friend for a really long time so when he and Sandi finally announced they were getting married we couldn't be more happy for them!  I was thrilled when they asked me to take their wedding pictures - there is nothing I love more than documenting my friends in love!  We took a break from working on my new studio which Dan has been helping us with every step of the way (we'd be in big trouble without all his hours of help and construction knowledge!) and headed out to one of their favorite spots - Lake Terrell in Ferndale, WA. Thanks so much Dan & Sandi for a great morning!  Thanks for bringing all your fun toys to play with too...and for not shooting me when the humming bird attacked! I cannot wait for your wedding this fall!!

All of the session images are online - check them out by clicking on the proofing link above.  Enjoy!




Monday Mama

I'm starting something new here on the blog!  As a mama myself and a photographer who LOVES to shoot babies and children I thought it would be fun share some info, insights, product loves etc every once in awhile for all my fellow mamas and mamas-to-be who read the blog.  So to start things off this week, I wanted to share with you the most amazing website I've found lately.  I've really been trying to get my act together lately, be more intentional about life and get organized so that I have more time to be mama and spend less time in chaos.  As Paisley is now 13 months old I finally feel like I am kinda getting the hang of this mama/wife/business owner lifestyle (and I thought just wife/business owner was challenging, that was a cake walk!). Anybody struggle with meals?  I love to bake and like to cook but as a mama I don't feel like investing a lot of time in either of those on a daily basis.  I struggle with what to make and I am lazy when it comes to meal plans.   Some nights I wish we could just get some takeout from somewhere, not because I'm craving the food but because I just don't have the energy or time to make a decent meal.

In comes my new best friend...Once a Month Mom.  Freezer cooking menu plans, recipes, grocery lists - all in one place!  The best thing about it is that there are different types of menus!! I just love that!

  • Traditional (typicall American family type food)
  • Whole foods
  • Gluten/dairy free
  • Diet
  • Vegetarian
  • BABY/TODDLER meals

Wahoo!  Seriously, not only are there recipes for any family out there but there are also ones for babies and toddlers!  This discovery came at the perfect time for me as I was starting to struggle with what to feed Paisley...I was so bored with making her meals, I can only imagine she was bored with eating them.

Not only is there every type of food but there are breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes!!  Even better!  I can usually find something to eat during the week for lunch for Paisley and myself but on weekends when Brandon is home I am usually at a loss for lunch when he seems to think a normal meal would be nice and not just a scavenger hunt through the fridge, freezer and pantry.

So check out their site - it is all free, how amazing is that (although donations do help keep them going)?  If you are a little intimidated like me about devoting so much time at once to make a lot of meals, it is easy to pick just a couple recipes and try them out (I've been doing this!) or use one of their mini-menu plans that has about half the normal amount of meals included.


I'd love to hear if you struggle with meals too and if you have any good tips!  Have you used this site before?  You can share your thoughts in the comments below -  I'd love to hear them!

And because a post without a picture is so sad...here is my little kitchen helper being incredibly helpful and adorable!

I would just like to say that since taking this picture below I did manage to clean out and scrub down the fridge so it is currently not the disaster it is below.  And I have moved the eggs a little higher up, wow, that was risky!


Ada Sue | Lynden Newborn Session

Sweet little Ada Sue - you make my heart melt!  This little girl is just precious - so content and beautiful!  Shelly and Kent welcomed their perfect little girl last week and I couldn't be happier for them.   They are already the most doting, kind and tender parents!  We were so blessed to have some wonderful weather this week so we popped outside for some family pictures as well as captured little Ada in all her perfectness inside. Thanks so much Shelly and Kent- what a beautiful family you make!  I'm so thankful you were blessed with a wonderful birth and perfectly healthy little girl!  Hopefully it won't be too long before I get to photograph her again!

All of the session images are online - check them out by clicking on the Proofing link above.  Enjoy!


This moment below has made me want another baby so bad it hurts - absolutely amazing!



Business Update | Lynden, WA Photographer

Wow!  I have been busy, busy, busy!  Between working on the new studio (painting during naps, choosing finishes, ordering samples, shopping!), some amazing sessions and totally overhauling all of my business documents and paperwork to make things simpler, prettier and awesome-er, I’ve just been going nonstop (not to mention still trying to pull off being a half decent wife and and fairly fun mama – wow, we women have a lot on our plates!).  We’ve been a little tired around here but I am SO over-the-top excited about all the changes coming! 

I can’t wait to reveal the studio in all of its completed glory in just a few weeks and start using all my pretty new forms and information packets.  I also can’t wait to get all the stuff for the new studio out of my house, garage and shop!  It is hard to stash all this stuff out of Paisley’s reach so it all doesn’t get trashed before it even makes it into the studio.  I’ve got chairs & a chandelier in my bedroom, rugs and backdrops under my bed, a GIANT box of canvases in my closet, a bunch of awesome frames & all my newborn props in my office, a changing table, baby posing ottoman, props, etc. in my garage, loveseat and shelves in our shop…oh my goodness there is stuff everywhere!  My husband keeps begging me not to buy anything else for the studio until it is done but I just can’t help myself, you might have guessed but I’m having quite a bit of fun with it!! 

Stay tuned for some fantastic sessions in the next couple weeks – sweet 2 year old Brielle, perfect newborn Ada, gorgeous senior Tasha and glowing mama-to-be Jenine!

In the meantime, here are a few little sneak peaks at some of the sample items waiting to go up in the new studio.  I can’t get over how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these jewelry pieces and frames!  Seriously, I wish I could stand on the street corner and pass them out to everyone I see!  Everyone deserves a handmade jewelry piece featuring their most beloved (those baby girls are all worth way more than diamonds to their mamas I can guarantee that!) and who wouldn’t want a fantastically, whimsical, colorful frame to show off their children?  You will have to come into the studio in a few weeks to check each of these out!!  The top two jewelry pieces are necklaces and next is a charm bracelet which I am swooning over!

Newborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn Baby

Shelly | Lynden Maternity Photographer

Gorgeous soon-to-be mama, excited soon-to-be daddy and one precious little girl on the way = one amazing maternity session!  What a great morning I had this past weekend spending some time with Shelly and Kent just one week before their daughter’s due date.  The lighting was perfect, the location at Hovander Park was perfection and the weather was great!  I can’t wait to hear the news of their little one’s arrival so I can meet her for newborn pictures!

Thank you so much Shelly & Kent!  You two are going to be awesome parents and I am so excited for your growing family.  I’m praying for a safe and amazing birth – see you soon!

All of the session images are online!  Check them out by clicking on the Proofing link above.  Enjoy!

Newborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn Baby

Avery– 5 Year Session | Bellingham Children Photographer

Wow – what an amazing session I had this weekend with little miss Avery!  I’ve been photographing her for several years now and I must admit I really, really look forward to her sessions!  She is so full of spunk and life that you just can’t help but smile and laugh when you are around her.  Avery is always coming up with awesome ideas for her session and she gets to pick out her own outfits which I think is an awesome idea (even if it is something crazy her mom can always look back on the images and think, yes – that was my sweet Avery at 3 in every way!).  This time Avery picked some fantastic clothes and was the perfect little supermodel.  We found an amazing location with lots of texture that I could shoot at every day and to top it off the sun was shining bright and warm.

Thank you SO much Ashley and Avery – I can’t wait for next time!!

All of the session images are online – check them out by clicking on the Proofing link above.  Enjoy!

Newborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn Baby