Jake & Sarah | Bellingham Wedding Photographer

Jake & Sarah were married a few weeks ago at the gorgeous Samson Estates Winery in Everson, WA.  The details of the day were absolute perfection!  From beautiful, romantic flowers to canning jar goblets to handmade bunting and Cheeto favors - these two thought of everything!  Such a fun day filled with laughter, tears and incredible dancing - it was a night I didn't want to end. One of the things that made this day so flawless was the assortment of AWESOME vendors and the use of a day-of wedding coordinator - these two things really make a huge difference in how smoothly a wedding day goes.  These wonderful people all contributed to make Jake & Sarah's day perfect:

Caterer: Kelly's O'Deli Catering

Wedding Coordinator: Ever After Events

DJ: Whatcom Sound

Band: Southbound

Florist: Botanikal

Photographer: Stephanie Stremler Photography

First look!

Awesome group of guys - I've never seen so many groomsmen obviously all so close!

My most favorite bridesmaid image ever - thanks ladies for the suggestion, and for totally rocking it!

Love these "YES!  We are married" moments!

I think every reception needs to have a pretend double dutch jump roping competition!!

These Cheetos favors were so great!!


Business Update | Lynden, WA Photographer

Wow!  I have been busy, busy, busy!  Between working on the new studio (painting during naps, choosing finishes, ordering samples, shopping!), some amazing sessions and totally overhauling all of my business documents and paperwork to make things simpler, prettier and awesome-er, I’ve just been going nonstop (not to mention still trying to pull off being a half decent wife and and fairly fun mama – wow, we women have a lot on our plates!).  We’ve been a little tired around here but I am SO over-the-top excited about all the changes coming! 

I can’t wait to reveal the studio in all of its completed glory in just a few weeks and start using all my pretty new forms and information packets.  I also can’t wait to get all the stuff for the new studio out of my house, garage and shop!  It is hard to stash all this stuff out of Paisley’s reach so it all doesn’t get trashed before it even makes it into the studio.  I’ve got chairs & a chandelier in my bedroom, rugs and backdrops under my bed, a GIANT box of canvases in my closet, a bunch of awesome frames & all my newborn props in my office, a changing table, baby posing ottoman, props, etc. in my garage, loveseat and shelves in our shop…oh my goodness there is stuff everywhere!  My husband keeps begging me not to buy anything else for the studio until it is done but I just can’t help myself, you might have guessed but I’m having quite a bit of fun with it!! 

Stay tuned for some fantastic sessions in the next couple weeks – sweet 2 year old Brielle, perfect newborn Ada, gorgeous senior Tasha and glowing mama-to-be Jenine!

In the meantime, here are a few little sneak peaks at some of the sample items waiting to go up in the new studio.  I can’t get over how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these jewelry pieces and frames!  Seriously, I wish I could stand on the street corner and pass them out to everyone I see!  Everyone deserves a handmade jewelry piece featuring their most beloved (those baby girls are all worth way more than diamonds to their mamas I can guarantee that!) and who wouldn’t want a fantastically, whimsical, colorful frame to show off their children?  You will have to come into the studio in a few weeks to check each of these out!!  The top two jewelry pieces are necklaces and next is a charm bracelet which I am swooning over!

Newborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn Baby

Shelly | Lynden Maternity Photographer

Gorgeous soon-to-be mama, excited soon-to-be daddy and one precious little girl on the way = one amazing maternity session!  What a great morning I had this past weekend spending some time with Shelly and Kent just one week before their daughter’s due date.  The lighting was perfect, the location at Hovander Park was perfection and the weather was great!  I can’t wait to hear the news of their little one’s arrival so I can meet her for newborn pictures!

Thank you so much Shelly & Kent!  You two are going to be awesome parents and I am so excited for your growing family.  I’m praying for a safe and amazing birth – see you soon!

All of the session images are online!  Check them out by clicking on the Proofing link above.  Enjoy!

Newborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn Baby

Avery– 5 Year Session | Bellingham Children Photographer

Wow – what an amazing session I had this weekend with little miss Avery!  I’ve been photographing her for several years now and I must admit I really, really look forward to her sessions!  She is so full of spunk and life that you just can’t help but smile and laugh when you are around her.  Avery is always coming up with awesome ideas for her session and she gets to pick out her own outfits which I think is an awesome idea (even if it is something crazy her mom can always look back on the images and think, yes – that was my sweet Avery at 3 in every way!).  This time Avery picked some fantastic clothes and was the perfect little supermodel.  We found an amazing location with lots of texture that I could shoot at every day and to top it off the sun was shining bright and warm.

Thank you SO much Ashley and Avery – I can’t wait for next time!!

All of the session images are online – check them out by clicking on the Proofing link above.  Enjoy!

Newborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn Baby

Studio Update! | Lynden, WA Natural Light Photography Studio

The studio is coming along!  Here is a quick update!  Concrete, framing, electrical, doors & windows – all done!  Still to do: siding, insulation, sheet rock, painting, trim, moving in!  We are about half way done and I can’t wait to get in there to shoot!  All kinds of print and product samples, props, seating, heating and electronics are scattered around the house waiting for their new home.  I’m so excited about all the opportunities this new space will provide.  Check out the pictures from this morning.


I am loving this covered entryway!  Won’t some bright ceramic pots of flowers and a Stephanie Stremler Photography sign be so cheerful there?  I have the cutest coordinating welcome mat for it too!


Newborn Baby

Inside – looking at the seating area to the left and the changing room and shooting area to the right.

Newborn Baby

Inside – shooting area to the left, storage and walkway to the right

Newborn BabyNewborn Baby

Studio Update #3 | Lynden Natural Light Studio Photographer

Here is the latest progress on the studio!  We poured the first round of concrete this past weekend creating a walk way from our house to the studio and a stem wall which will form the base for the wall of windows and the client entryway.  Last night the boys (the husband and his friend Dan) prepped the interior for this weekend’s concrete pour which will include the floor of the studio and the client entryway concrete pad out front.  I’ve done some shopping this week for furnishings/décor and have begun the process of cutting out the fabric for the sofa slip cover.  I can’t wait until it all comes together! 


We tried putting Paisley’s hand print in the concrete but as you can see above, her tiny little fingers didn’t exactly make a big impression…especially when she just wanted to play in the concrete as soon as she touched it.  Oh well – we know what it is, though any future property owners might just think some random wild animal stepped on it. Smile