Talia & Bruce | Bellingham Engagement Photographer

Perfect couple.  Perfect lighting.  Perfect location.  What an awesome engagement session we had on Saturday as Talia, Bruce and I wandered around downtown Bellingham laughing and getting to know each other.

These two are so adorable together!  I love photographing couples who are so genuine in front of the camera—it is so fun to capture their love and affection for each other.  I can’t wait for their wedding this fall!  Thanks so much Talia and Bruce—you two are fantastic!

All of the session images are online—check them out here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!

Are these two hot or what?!

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-100 My favorite!

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-101 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-102 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-103 I love purple heels in back alley!  You just can’t beat it!

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-104 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-105 Work it…

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-106 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-107 Don’t forget to bring me your future newborns to photograph with those tattoos!

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-108 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-109 Look how cute they are!

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-110 Talia—I hope you know how gorgeous you are!

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-111 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-112 Bruce—you win.  Talia—your idea rocks.  The end.

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-113 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-114 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-3-10Talia&Bruce-115