The Buiter Family | Lynden Family Photographer

Last week I had so much fun photographing this family!  I was so excited when my friend and neighbor inquired about setting up a family session for her parents and immediate family—they are all sweet I knew it would be a great time!  The weather cooperated and we enjoyed exploring this adorable farm during their session.

Thanks so much for a great session—you all were fabulous and up for anything which makes it so fun!  I appreciated your willingness to sit in the grass amongst the cow manure (not on the cow manure!) and for nearly flipping over the hay wagon!  The rest of the session images should be up in a few days!


We were bummed that the mountain wasn’t out due to the clouds – Mt. Baker should have been right in the center of this photo, but I like the moody clouds and hills.


Aren’t they cute? 


I love this picture of the boys!


My fantastic neighbors—they are so awesome!


We were playing off the fact that they have a “herd” of children.  Do you get it?


Moments after a near disaster with the hay wagon!  They look pretty happy for just evacuating the wagon!  Please note—if you take pictures of a large group of people on a hay wagon, ask them to stand in the middle of it—not on the edge!


These next two are my favorites!  I love the old barn and the sunflowers!


Such pretty sisters!  It is such a blessing to have not only a sister but a best friend in that person to!  Side note: when I grow up I want to have hair just like them—isn’t it gorgeous!?