The Great Demolition

We once had a house...

Three weeks ago--we demolished it!

Check the progress throughout the day!

Upstairs--that is (err..was!) our bedroom!

Teamwork = big escavator and mini escavator operated by great friends! Thanks for all your help guys! Extra special thanks to Dan to who taught me how to operate the mini escavator the night before...I now have a skill I can fall back on if all else fails.

It was pouring down rain all day--I heard from someone we got about 2 inches of rain that day and I believe it! Check out the muddy escavator tracks...that is what our driveway, yard as well as everyone's feet and legs looked like by the end of the day!

Thank goodness for rain gear and great friends!

Poof! Gone!

See that escavator? That is where our house once stood! I couldn't resist including our last few fall leaves in a shot.

Many more updates to come--we're pouring the foundation Monday!