Things I’m Thankful For II

Today I am thankful for the following:

- A warm home and all of the love of friends and family who helped us build it…as well as all of my daffodils that I didn’t pay a dime for.  They are so cheery in the late winter/early spring!  And I don’t think I ever put a picture of the completed house online yet, so here you go!

IMG_7993 In looking at this picture it looks like there is some weird distortion going on, but in reality the house is on an angle to the garage, no crazy curving pictures here.

- Snow!  A couple weeks ago Brandon and I were driving around in the hills and it started dumping down snow—it was fabulous!  It wasn’t really sticking but it was so pretty and fun!  I noticed the weather forecast is calling for potential snow next week, I say…BRING IT!  I’m so ready!

- Extra sensitive, crazy smelling abilities thanks to my prego state!  Sometimes it is not so fun to smell every vague scent wafting by—for instance, if you have smoked a cigarette or been near one in the last 6 months…I can smell it a mile away (slight exaggeration but only slight…).  However—this time of year I am really appreciating the yummy scents of fall leaves, pumpkin pie, cinnamon candles and sweet treats baking.  It is really making me slow down a bit and enjoy the little things—like all the smells I can’t help but notice!  And I’m really looking forward to the smell of snow…my favorite!

What are you thankful for?