Over the long weekend Brandon and I headed over to Twisp to enjoy some much needed R&R. We had an awesome time spotting deer and turkeys, riding 4wheelers, going to the farmer's market, watching the rodeo and swimming the dogs at the lake.

I must admit that my favorite part of heading over the mountains is getting ice cream at Sherri's Sweet Shoppe in Winthrop on our way home--this time I had homemade raspberry ice cream, YUM! In a couple weekends I plan on trying out the homemade lemon custard ice cream, doesn't that sound fabulous!?
Take a peak at some of our adventures taken with my lovely point and shoot camera. I always regret not taking my nice cameras with me on vacations but if I did take them I know I would be constantly paranoid about keeping them safe, so point and shoot it is!
Notice the pass was quite snowing--luckily it did opened just in time for

the long weekend! By the way, I was in the passenger seat, not the driver's seat while taking this photo!

Take a peak at Diesel and his girlfriend Nellie. They have so much fun together!

I love the beautiful scenery of Twisp--it is always so cheerful in the spring with fresh (irrigated) green grass, bright blue skies and wildflowers!

More to come, including rodeo pictures!