Visser Family | Ferndale Family Photographer

We were so blessed with a beautiful Saturday this past weekend.  It made for a perfect morning for this family session.  I grew up with Ashley showing horses together in 4-H.  We spent our weekends showing and our summers at the Fair competing.  After our senior year in high school we traveled together with our horses to Texas to start our college career at West Texas A&M.  We had an awesome time being roommates for a few months—eating kettle corn every night, showing on the equestrian team, riding our horses after class and house sitting in exchange for doing laundry at house in town.  We’ve both ended up back right where we came from, still enjoying horses and making our own family’s.  Ashley’s family is quite bigger than mine and I sure enjoyed getting to capture them at this great time in their lives when their little girl just turned one. 


Thanks so much Ashley, Todd, Koltin and Rhysse!  You are beautiful family and I had a great time playing with you this weekend!

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