Viva Las Vegas

Last week Brandon and I headed to Vegas for a tradeshow for his work.  We were originally asked to attend pretty soon after I found out I was pregnant, though we hadn’t told anyone we were expecting yet.  I googled information about flying when pregnant to see how late into my third trimester I could fly and we happily agreed to go.  We had a great time although I must admit, while flying and traveling is safe to do in your third trimester…it may not be the most comfortable thing to do.  We did have a good time, learned lots, saw some crazy only-in-Vegas things and brought home a gift for baby—after all it was our little one’s first time in Vegas (and mine too!). I took our little point and shoot camera since the thought of carrying around any more extra pounds by bringing my better equipment didn’t really appeal to me.  So I’ve included some of my snap shots below and a couple little videos.  Don’t mind the blurriness—they were all taken at night on automatic and I only stopped walking to take a couple of them—the rest were taken on the go!  I only took 29 pictures in four days…whereas I took several thousand in Maui last year in that much time so my trigger finger has definitely slowed a bit since getting pregnant.  If you’ve been to Vegas I’d love to hear what your favorite thing to see or do was—we didn’t get to see too much of the city and I can’t wait to go back someday so I can see more.

The expo…




My favorite place we went was Fremont Street Experience in the old part of Las Vegas—I love the hourly music/light shows (although I wish I could have picked the music) on the covered dome, the crazy street performers, the spray paint painter, the old Vegas neon lights and the zip lining overtop.  It was like a free circus/amusement park/freak show all rolled into one!  I would love to shoot a session there amidst all the chaos!  I also had my first gambling experience at a tiny little casino down there…I learned how to play slot machines and I lost all of my $7 before I got tired of watching the machine eat my money and I quit. 




We saw all sorts of characters including several Elvis, Michael Jackson, Brett Michaels, Star Trek people, scantily clad show girls and “statue” people.







My second favorite place we went was MGM Grand to see the lions.  We saw two lions lazily playing with a large ball, chewing on treats and licking their handlers.  I thought it was really interesting that the lions don’t live at the casino and they only are in the exhibit about 5 hours a day, a couple days a week.  Much better living conditions then I assumed they had.  Our little baby Stremler got a sweet little lion stuffed animal to commemorate the occasion.  I wanted to bring home a real lion and Brandon agreed on one condition…I have to make $13 million/year as income.  That is a lot of sessions and weddings or 13 really expensive ones…so I don’t think I’ll have one any time soon…