We Did It!!!!

We had our first snow ball fight of the season! It may not be much to you, but aside from summer, snow is the next best thing!

I'm fairly certain I won the snow ball fight...as I landed the most direct hits. However, Brandon did get in two good shots to the head (I tried to tell him that was against the rules) and one good snow tackle. Diesel enjoyed the snow too, he ate plenty of it!

Since it was dark, I didn't take any pictures of the snow. By this morning it had mostly disappeared and the only time I had to play outside was when it was still dark out. So, to avoid a boring post, I thought I would share some pictures from our snow storm last November, which was certainly larger and longer than this one! The pictures are from my little point and shoot camera and some are from inside the house, so please excuse the lack of clarity. Enjoy!

This was the view from inside Brandon's truck as were driving down Bender Rd. Some lovely drifts landed right on the road and were plowed through giving us this lovely path. Where we live, the snow doesn't seem to fall flat--that northeast wind sure makes a mess of it!

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This is the view from inside the house, while our lovely neighbor Larry came with his big tractor and plowed our driveway. You can see how the wind cleared the snow off of the grass but left a three foot high drift behind my truck in the carport (you can't really see the carport or my truck but it is just to the left of the photo).

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Please excuse the blurriness--this is also from inside the house. I loved how the setting sun made the snow glow!

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