Ok, maybe that is a little dramatic! On Sunday afternoon we took the horses out for a trail ride. This was Rascal (my horse's) first time on out on the trail. With a young, green (not all the way trained) horse, you just never know what the first trail ride will bring. I'm pleased to say he did quite well, with the exception of crossing running water and going through mud puddles--but the good news is, we made it back alive! So we have a few things to work on, but for the most part he did outstanding--walking quietly on the trail, not spoking or tensing up. YAY! I've got to say trail riding has never been my favorite thing to do on a horse, but if you have a good trail horse it can be quite fun. Hopefully Rascal can become one.
Please note: the following pictures were taken with my point and shoot camera, not profesisonal equipment. There for they lack the clarity and detail of my professional pictures.

Here are a few pictures of Rascal after the trail ride...you can't miss him with all those spots!

Here is one of Rascal and me--thanks Jenn for taking the shot, I might just have to hire you with these great photography skills!

And a couple of my sister's ride, Breeze, (note this is actually Baby T's horse but her mom stole her for the day!)

Last but not least is the biggest horse of them all, Allie, and my mom.

And coming soon--remodel updates!

What was I doing when I looked this good? Any guessers?