We lost our puppy!

It's true! We once had an ADORABLE (ok, i'm a little biased), teeny, tiny five week old Rottweiler/Lab/Border Collie puppy. Well, somehow in the last five months he has disappeared! While Diesel still lives at our house, I'm not sure where the puppy went. Now we have a confident, smart, almost grown-up dog! I'm missing our puppy--but at least he still chases his tail. Take a peak at these photos below for his progression.

Photo note: I took the first three from up above to show how small he was and express his vulnerablility. The last one I took at eye level to show how grown-up he has become.

These next two were taken on the same day but I love how

they depict his two favorite spots--in the long grass and in the dirt!

And 45 pounds later...