Yesterday I headed to the Stearns History Museum. I wondered through the displays and watched two educational videos--one on the granite industry and one on the gardens I visited earlier this week. It was really insightful to hear the history regarding the gardens. The formal gardens were actively supported by a family (Clemens) who lived across the street. The wife had MS and didn't leave home. Her husband wanted her to have something beautiful to look at since she could not travel. So he paid for roses, flowers, fountains and other structures in the garden in order for her to have beautiful views from their home. She died in the late 1990's but the gardens continue to grow and are named after her. What a beautiful and touching story!

The museum has many acres of wildlife preserves as well. I walked the paths hoping to find a deer or a bear...but what I found was bugs! Millions of grasshopper-type bugs! I also found some ducks and little bears though.

In the evening we went to dinner at a cozy log restaurant called Anton's with a Park Industries sales person named Matt. This fabulous place was nestled along the Sauk River and had FABULOUS food! Every meal comes with a giant popover and honeybutter--so yummy! We all had steak and I finished with a chocolate lava cake! Matt was a great dinner companion--we enjoyed hearing about his Minnesota life. He told me where I can find the Amish people on Friday selling their crafts so hopefully I can head there tomorrow before we come home!

We went back to the hotel, got our car and tried to go to a local park which is made from over 30 granite quarries. The park was almost closing so we decided not to pay the fee and saved the excursion for tonight. We then drove out into the countryside looking for wildlife...Brandon found three white tail deer and I found two giant wild emu-type birds. I have no idea what they were but they were kinda scary! I wish I wasn't driving so I could have gotten picture!

Well I've been LAZY today...but I'm off to find some adventure. Have a great afternoon!