Willis Family | Bellingham Family Photographer

I love to photograph families!  It is so fun to see little ones run around and have fun and watch how parents love on their children. This weekend I got photograph several beautiful families including the Willis family.  Mariel and Daniel are so much bigger than they were last spring when I photographed Daniel’s newborn pictures.   I just love their big eyes and curious nature.  The best part is that these two are expecting a new brother or sister this September!  I can’t wait to meet the new little one!

Thank you so much to James, Rachel, Mariel and Daniel for a wonderful time—I’m so glad we avoided the rain for most of the session!

All of the session images are online here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!


Look at this beautiful family!  James & Rachel adore their kids—can’t you just see it in their faces!?

BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-100 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-101 This picture is classic!  I love how Mariel is doing her best to smile for the camera and little Daniel just wants to get down on the ground and play!  Not to mention the cat that wandered in for a little attention…

BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-102 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-103 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-104 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-105 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-106 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-107 My favorite!

BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-108 Look at that sweet little face and those little baby teeth!  So cute!

BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-109 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-110 Daddy tickles make for perfect giggles!

BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-111 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-112 Looking for airplanes—her favorite!

BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-113 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-114 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-115 So beautiful!  Mariel is just precious!

BellinghamFamilyPhotographer3-29-2010Rachel&James-116 Mariel and Daniel are the cousins of T and Jelly (my nieces) which pretty much make them my adopted niece and nephew.  I  love this picture of all four of them.  This picture is perfect in everyway!  The older girls are so happy to see each other, Jelly can’t figure out what is going on and Daniel is making his get-a-way.  The best pictures to me are the ones that capture each child’s personality at that particular stage of their life.  I’ve never experienced a child that just sat around smiling all the time so pictures like this make my day!