Zach & Kate | Everson Wedding Photographer

Oh I could look at these pictures all day long and still be in love with each and every one of them!  Zach and Kate had a gorgeous, simple, elegant, beautiful wedding in July.  How blessed am I to have the most wonderful job in the world—I get to photograph stunning, madly in love couples and celebrate with them for a whole day!

This wedding was at Samson  Estates Winery in Everson which provided a gorgeous green backdrop from the ceremony and beautifully landscaped grounds for pictures.  I adored Zach and Kate’s idea of bringing bocce ball and croquet games for guests to play during the reception.  Another wonderful idea they had was to serve beverages prior to the ceremony which meant guests were comfortable and refreshed throughout the event.  

Thanks so much Zach and Kate for such an amazing day!  You two were absolutely wonderful to work with and you seriously rocked the camera!

All of Zach and Kate’s pictures are online—check them out by clicking on the Proofing link above.  Lastly—be sure to watch the fusion video below for more of my favorite images and some awesome video—stay tuned to the end for some seriously crazy dancing moves!  Enjoy!

First look…


Kate—you are so gorgeous!  You can play in front of my camera any day!EversonWeddingPhotographerW7-31-2010Zach&Kate-101


Zach was looking pretty dapper himself—I LOVED the light colored suits! EversonWeddingPhotographerW7-31-2010Zach&Kate-103

Such a gorgeous couple! EversonWeddingPhotographerW7-31-2010Zach&Kate-104

My favorite! EversonWeddingPhotographerW7-31-2010Zach&Kate-105


Mmm, grapes! EversonWeddingPhotographerW7-31-2010Zach&Kate-107



Workin’ it on the road!




Oh I can’t decide—maybe this one is my favorite… EversonWeddingPhotographerW7-31-2010Zach&Kate-113


Smokin’ hot! EversonWeddingPhotographerW7-31-2010Zach&Kate-115

I was so impressed by Zach’s ability to juggle these bocce balls—I certainly did not pass the juggling unit in PE, so I’m jealous of anyone who can juggle but aside from that these balls are heavy—not your average juggling equipment! EversonWeddingPhotographerW7-31-2010Zach&Kate-116

Zach might have won this round… EversonWeddingPhotographerW7-31-2010Zach&Kate-117

But I think I won when I convinced them to do this! EversonWeddingPhotographerW7-31-2010Zach&Kate-118

What is a winery without a little wine tasting!?  Big thanks to Samson Estates Winery for sharing their yummy wine with the beautiful couple!EversonWeddingPhotographerW7-31-2010Zach&Kate-119


Awesome wedding party too—this wedding rocked in every way possible! EversonWeddingPhotographerW7-31-2010Zach&Kate-121



I also loved the details of the day…these fresh green arrangements were simply stunning! EversonWeddingPhotographerW7-31-2010Zach&Kate-124




And they are married!! EversonWeddingPhotographerW7-31-2010Zach&Kate-128

I couldn’t resist a little vintage processing on this one below—so cute! EversonWeddingPhotographerW7-31-2010Zach&Kate-129