Zach & Kate | Ferndale Engagement Photographer

I meet most of my wedding couples prior to them booking their wedding with me.  Sometimes, I am booked sight-unseen.  Kate and Zach booked me prior to meeting me so I didn’t really know what to expect when I went to meet them for their engagement session last weekend—I just knew they would be bringing their puppy to the session which is always fun.  I was so excited to find them incredibly friendly, down to earth and gorgeous.  Not only that but their puppy Daisy was the sweetest, cutest, best behaved puppy ever.  Add that all together along with perfect weather and pretty light and it made me once again realize that I have the best clients and the best job in the world.

Thanks for being so awesome Zach and Kate—I can’t wait for your wedding this summer! 

All of their session images are online, check them out here or click on the Online Ordering links above.

I told you Daisy is the cutest—I LOVE this picture, one perfect, beautiful little family.

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerW5-8-10Zach&Kate-100 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerW5-8-10Zach&Kate-101 I think this one below is my favorite from the day…it is so simple and relaxed.

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerW5-8-10Zach&Kate-102 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerW5-8-10Zach&Kate-103 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerW5-8-10Zach&Kate-104 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerW5-8-10Zach&Kate-105 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerW5-8-10Zach&Kate-106 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerW5-8-10Zach&Kate-107 You can just see how much they love each other…beautiful!