Zylstra Family – Family Session | Lynden Family Photographer

All of the session images are online here or click on the Online Ordering links above!  Enjoy!

This Saturday I had such a fun time getting to know Kim, Nathan, Levi and Amber!  Kim is a fabulous florist—she creates beautiful masterpieces for weddings and special events!  You can check out her work at www.thebackyardgardener.net.  I was so excited when she contacted me about a session for her little baby girl Amber and her family! The session went fabulously!  I had a great time playing with Amber and Levi—these kids are absolutely, perfectly adorable!

Thank you so much Kim and Nathan for being so welcoming and sweet!  A special thanks to Levi for sharing many great stories with me and showing me where the chickens were and to sweet little Amber for finally sharing a few smiles!  I hope to come play again soon!


Look at these perfect little baby wrist rolls!


Amber is absolutely precious—look how adorable she is!

LyndenFamilyPhotographerF10-31-09Zylstra-101 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF10-31-09Zylstra-102 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF10-31-09Zylstra-103 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF10-31-09Zylstra-104

Here is Levi and his amazingly patient and cute kitty Leif (named after the explorer mind you, not the leaves that fall from trees we are pretty sure!).  These two are the perfect pair!


I learned a very valuable lesson during the session.  Never ask a child his age who may use his fingers to tell you the answer while he is on a swing.  Super cute picture—very unfortunate tumble from the swing shortly after.  No children were injured in the creation of this photo but I do feel really bad for the startle Levi had when he landed on the ground.  Levi—next time I’ll ask you when your feet are planted firmly on the ground because I know that number will be changing very shortly!

LyndenFamilyPhotographerF10-31-09Zylstra-106 Levi is super-cute, charmingly friendly and all around fantastic.  Check out his handsome little boy below!

LyndenFamilyPhotographerF10-31-09Zylstra-107 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF10-31-09Zylstra-108 I LOVE this image—my favorite from the day I think!  Beautiful family, gorgeous home and perfect fall color!  I vote for this image on your house warming invites!

LyndenFamilyPhotographerF10-31-09Zylstra-109 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF10-31-09Zylstra-110 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF10-31-09Zylstra-111 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF10-31-09Zylstra-112 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF10-31-09Zylstra-113 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF10-31-09Zylstra-114 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF10-31-09Zylstra-115 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF10-31-09Zylstra-116