Zylstra Family | Lynden Family Photographer

EDIT TO ADD: All of this session’s images are online now—check them out here or click on the Online Ordering links above!


We were anticipating rain--we were not expecting snow!  When I drove into Berthusen Park last Saturday for this awesome multi-family session I was so thankful that we could play outdoors for the session and maybe get some shots with the fall leaves.  What I saw when I got there was little mounds of snow all over the leaves and pink faces from 40 degree weather.  What a great almost-winter session we had—this family is so adorable!  All of the children were just precious (including the four legged one!) and the adults were all so gracious and welcoming. 

Thank you so much to the Zylstra family for a great, cold Saturday afternoon!  Enjoy your sneak peak—all of your session images will be up within a week.

LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-100 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-101 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-102 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-103 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-104 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-105 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-106 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-107 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-108 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-109 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-110 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-111 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-112 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-113 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-114 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-14-09Zylstra-115